Electronic Criminal Clearance

The electronic criminal clearance is an alternative to the standard police clearance certificate (PCC). The information contained in the electronic criminal clearance is extracted from the same SAPS database but is not an official police clearance certificate which is needed for certain applications. Our clients will need to enquire if this option will suffice for their needs.

The benefits of this clearance is the speed at which it can be issued and allows our clients results to become available within 24-48 hours. Certain institutions also accept this clearance which brings down the cost of a normal SAPS police clearance.


Why Should You Get an Electronic Criminal Clearance?

Due to time constraints it is not always in your interests to get a SAPS police clearance certificate. Also sometimes the requirements are less strict and an electronic criminal clearance is all you need to fulfill your needs. The following scenarios will require you to get an electronic criminal clearance. 

  • some companies will require a pre-employment enquiry on your criminal status.
  • corporate enquiry when working with new suppliers.
  • statutory requirement.
  • application for a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP)
  • registration with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).
  • SACE and many more.

How Can We Help?

Govdocsmadesimple offers individuals and businesses affordable and quick access to qualified, trained consultants who specialize in, and who are qualified biometric fingerprint takers.

Our friendly and experienced staff can come to your home, workplace or business in office hours or you can make an appointment with us.

Once we have captured your fingerprints electronically, using a MSO300 scanner, and after you complete the indemnity form as well as a provide us with a copy of your ID or Passport document; we then submit this online for verification to Afiswitch; the interface between the AFIS database and the public.

How does it work?

Our mobile units are available, by appointment, to go to your premises (business or personal) to capture candidate’s fingerprints. Gov docs made simple will then process the fingerprints on behalf of you or your company.

Mobile Process:

  1. Appointment is made
  2. Mobile unit arrives at your required premises.
  3. Our mobile unit captures candidate’s fingerprints.
  4. We submit fingerprints for a criminal check on behalf your company or yourself for processing.
  5. Receive result within 2 business days.
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