Home Affairs Applications

Need advice for your Home Affairs Applications?

Dealing with Home Affairs can be a challenging affair. Sometimes the paper work can be difficult to understand and can take time to fill. With tight deadlines you need your application to be accepted the first time without any delays or resubmissions. This is why govdocsmadesimple have designed a new service to ensure the process is as simple as possible.

How can we help?

At govdocsmadesimple, we have close relationships with Home Affairs due to the nature of our work. We know all the processes and documents required to ensure a quick and approved application

We offer a consultation service where our client can brief us on what is required. We will then advise our client on what documents are required and what processes need to be followed. With our service you can rest assured that your applications will be approved on time, the first time!

What issues do you need help with?

We assist our clients on civic, emigration and immigration issues before approaching Home Affairs:

  • All Visa categories and issues
  • Marriage, birth and death certificates
  • Citizenship issues
  • Travel docs and passports
  • ID documents
  • Admissions into the country
  • Residency issues of foreigners and permits
  • Refugee issues
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