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Specialists in SAPS Police Clearance Certificates and Criminal Record Removals. No Hidden Fees and a straightforward service that simplifies your journey to a record-free life.

Our Services

Employee Background Checks

Our background record checks are a risk management tool that allows you to proactively combat workplace crimes and unlawful conduct before they occur.

Criminal Record Checks for Individuals

From conviction(s), to case(s) awaiting trial and outstanding warrant(s) of arrest, we provide detailed reports indicating all Illicit Activity on criminal record.

Expungement of Criminal Record

Our criminal record expungement process simplifies the journey to a record-free life. Has it been 10 years or more since your minor crime conviction?

SAPS Police Clearance Certificates

At gov docs made simple we are able to provide your South African Police Clearance Certificates within 15 – 20 working days.  

Presidential Pardon

Removal of serious criminal offences by means of forgiveness exercised by the President in highly exceptional circumstances.

Biometric Verification

Qualified trained consultants who specialize in biometric fingerprint taking who will come to your home, workplace or business in office hours.

Why an Expungement Firm Is Essential?

The South African criminal record expungement and background checking process is a complex legal process. It is not only essential that the appropriate documents are filed timeously and correctly, but that the many legal processes are followed correctly to avoid and denied applications. Gov docs made simple is one of only a few South African firms with the expertise to optimize your chances at a successful application.

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