Criminal Record Checks – Individuals

Do you have a criminal record? Govdocsmadesimple’s simplified criminal record check procedure for Individuals will give you the answer in 48 hours.

It can happen that you may have a criminal record attached to your name, even when you’ve never been found guilty of a crime. It’s an unfortunate situation that can have a severe negative impact on your life. You may find that you:

  • have difficulty finding employment, despite having the right qualifications and experience
  • have difficulty travelling beyond South African borders

Govdocsmadesimple simplifies the criminal record check procedure by taking care of all the necessary administrative difficulties. Results of criminal record checks are typically available within 2 working days.

How Does it work?

All criminal checks are conducted using fingerprints.

All fingerprints are electronically verified against the South African Police Service’s AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) database in order to determine whether any Illicit Activity is identified against the individual.

Illicit Activity refers to – conviction(s), case(s) awaiting trial and outstanding warrant(s) of arrest.

Once we are in possession of the Illicit Activity report, we are able to draft and complete a detailed assessment, which is then forwarded to you along with suggested next steps. to a better tomorrow.

When you get your results

Should we receive a notice that a criminal record does exist in your name, you may apply for criminal record expungement if:

  • The record has been in existence for at least a decade (10 years or more) and there has been no subsequent conviction(s)
  • The offence for which you were convicted was of a trivial nature.
  • You were given the option of paying a fine (R20,000 or less)
  • You were advised that paying a fine would not result in a criminal record, but have subsequently discovered the existence of your criminal record

How long does it take?

  • Standard Service – 48 hours
  • Premium Service – 4 hours
  • Priority Service – 90 minutes
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